Community Engagement

The arts foster appreciation and understanding within our own communities and across cultures in today’s increasingly fragmented world.

Explore Our Commitment to Partnership

LVACA is deeply committed to partnerships and collaborations that foster the creative economy and enhance the quality of life for those living throughout the valley.  Browse the links below to get more information on current and past community engagement collaborations and partnerships.

Hip-Hop Youth Dance Program

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful Xcape Dance Company, LVACA has worked with professional performing artists in creating a unique safe space for young dancers to learn the basics of dance.

Fashion Design Program

In response to community requests, LVACA has created two 10-week programs teaching the basics of fashion design, marketing and merchandising. The classes were separated into two cohorts based on age ranges 12-17 and 18+ respectively with 8-10 students in each class.

Mural Installation and Mentorship

LVACA actively participates and encourages the creation of murals as a means of neighborhood improvement, economic development and education. We have partnered with the Allentown Parking Authority, installed murals while training a new cohort of mural artists to work throughout the valley and potentially earn a living wage while being an artist.

Youth Documentary Program

YDL is a digital storytelling initiative with the goal to engage, support, and cultivate the voices of Lehigh Valley youth. It has been led by Drew Swedberg, partnering with Filmmaking Mentors Educators, and community organizers.

All Rise: A Photographic Exploration Of The Court House Of The Lehigh Valley

A Photography Exhibit by Ed Eckstein, All Rise provides some extraordinary insights into the characteristics of these imminently American structures deeply embedded into our history and culture.

Recording Arts Training

In partnership with the Community Music School and utilizing their newly outfitted recording arts laboratory as well as faculty, LVACA is connecting young people and a new educational non-profit in the valley to train youth in targeted neighborhoods to learn the skills to create, record and market their own content.

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