Community Partnerships

LVACA is deeply committed to partnerships and collaborations that foster the creative economy and enhance the quality of life for those living throughout the valley.  Browse the projects below to learn more about current and past community engagement collaborations and partnerships.


Roasting Ears of Corn Festival

Partner: Museum of Indian Culture

LVACA was proud to support the 43rd annual Roasting Ears of Corn Festival with a $5,000.00 grant to cover travel and related costs that facilitated Creative Native American Dancers & Educators to perform at the event.

Excelsior Summer Camp

Partner: Fine Feather Foundation

This 8 week STEAM Summer Camp is a safe haven program that supports and enhances the developing minds of at-risk children ages 7-17. The program focuses on educational and creative arts-based programs that promotes a healthy lifestyle for children, while targeting mental health awareness, entrepreneurship, and creative expression. The program is co-sponsored by LVACA, Fine Feather Foundation, The United Way, and Community Action Lehigh Valley.

Dominican Festival Allentown


In August 2023, LVACA sponsored the Dominican Festival in Allentown. The Dominican Festival Organization is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3, non-partisan organization in formation that organizes the annual Dominican Festival and festivities in Allentown, PA. The organization strives to provide an understanding of the heritage and contributions of the Dominican community in America and throughout the world. The mission of the Dominican Festival Organization is to celebrate the richness of the Dominican culture, folklore and popular traditions. 


Recording Arts Training Program

Partner: Community Music School

In partnership with the Community Music School and utilizing their newly outfitted recording arts laboratory as well as faculty, LVACA is connecting young people and a new educational non-profit in the valley to train youth in targeted neighborhoods to learn the skills to create, record and market their own content. 


All Rise: A Photographic Exploration of The Court House of the Lehigh Valley

Partner: Ed Eckstein

All Rise provides some extraordinary insights into the characteristics of these imminently American structures deeply embedded into our history and culture.

The photographs are taken with large format equipment with a focus on the architecture and significant details in court houses throughout the region. The symbolic importance of where the buildings are located and their use will help identify and explain their social and symbolic importance. All Rise is a study in architecture integral to the life of a community.


Fashion Design Program

Partner: The Baum School

In conjunction with the Baum School of Art, we continued the fashion program where students interested in fashion could learn basic concepts in design. This course focused on graphic design and branding. 

Students interested in a career in fashion will have to develop logos and marketing material to promote the designs they create and sell. 

The following students were awarded a certificate of completion:  Evona Roderick, Jalissa Escalera, Jamari Rivera , Nadia Roderick, and Sharif Brown. 


Hip Hop Youth Dance Program

Partners: Fine Feather Foundation & The Caring Place

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful Xcape Dance Company, LVACA worked with professional performing artists to create a unique safe space for young dancers to learn the basics of dance. The program aims to introduce students to classical, jazz, ballet and hip-hop dance and create an arts engagement opportunity while meeting artists and developing learning skills.

Youth Documentary Lab

Partners: Community Bike Works & Muhlenberg College

YDL is a digital storytelling initiative with the goal to engage, support, and cultivate the voices of Lehigh Valley youth.  The program has partnered with Community Bike Works’ Youth Leadership Program, artists and regional filmmakers to support a cohort of six student-filmmakers who have continued to meet virtually and who have been collaborating on concerns relating to policing in the schools.  Youth Documentary Lab has been led by Drew Swedberg, partnering with Filmmaking Mentors Educators, and community organizers.