Mural Mentorship Program

LVACA actively participates and encourages the creation of murals as a means of neighborhood improvement, economic development and education.  We have partnered with the Allentown Parking Authority, Allentown Arts Commission and City Center, and, most recently, the DaVinci Science Center to install murals while training a new cohort of mural artists to work throughout the Valley while earning a living wage as an artist. 



Artist Monica Salazar
"Symbols of Freedom"

31 S 9th Street, Allentown
Completed 2023

Mural Artist Monica Salazar worked with 25 children from the Fine Feather Foundation summer camp to collaboratively design this mural. Over the course of several workshops, students worked to draw, sculpt, and arrange the final mural design. For inspiration, students visited Camp Fowler in Orefield to see and experience nature firsthand. Monica synthesized the student-driven material to prepare and execute the final piece. 

Artist Matt Halm
Da Vinci Science Center

821 Hamilton Street, Allentown
Completed 2022

The mural was inspired by the drawings and concepts of Leonardo DaVinci as seen through the lens of STEAM education. The work was painted on aluminum composite panels then assembled and installed at 821 Hamilton Street, Allentown, PA. Made in partnership with the Lehigh Valley Arts & Cultural Alliance and the DaVinci Science center.

Artists Femi Johnson & Monica Salazar
6th Street Shelter

219 N 6th Street, Allentown
Completed 2022

Artists Max Meano & Danny Simmons

530-544 N 7th Street, Allentown
Allentown Parking Authority
Completed 2022

Artist Matt Halm

438 Turner Street, Allentown
Completed 2020

This piece was created in the midst of an uncertain world. In the grips of a pandemic, our homes became our havens. This mural explores the idea of shelter, physically and metaphorically. As we continued to stay in, it was as if our domestic space became our whole world. This mural imagines our homes as a monuments, and our windows as portals. In these strange times, our perspectives changed. This mural examines how we look out at the world, and how the world sees in.

Artist Matt Halm
"The Heart of Queen City"

33 North 9th Street, Allentown
Completed 2019

The mural is a loving ode to the “Queen City” and its rich history and exciting future.  The composition is a take on a playing card design, and utilizes vintage imagery of downtown Allentown as the background.  The main figure of the Queen (as representing the history of the city)  is painted in a collage style, mixing pattern and textile design with vintage advertising.  The child figure utilizes this same style and represents the bright future of the city.  

Artist Rosemary Geseck

829 W Turner Street, Allentown
Central Elementary School Playground
Completed 2019

The mural honors the Lenni Lenape Native American Nation. 


Artist Pedro LeDee
"Draw Your Own Path"

1939 W Union Street, Allentown
Union Terrace Elementary School
Completed 2018