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This is the third post in a series featuring each of the current members of the Arts Council’s board. We thought you’d like to get to know a few things about the people who help direct the organization, support its mission, and work to secure its future. Ours is a volunteer board of leaders from the community who are selected for their essential skill sets and personal commitment to the arts.

Bruce Loch is a collector and fine art dealer of two and three dimensional works of art. He and his wife routinely travel to art fairs and auctions in many cities around the world, including New York, Chicago, Santa Fe, Philadelphia and Toronto, having met many local, national, and international artists along the way.

A certified public accountant and real estate developer, Bruce joined the Arts Council board in 2006, became treasurer in 2008, and currently chairs the Resource Development Committee.

Bruce’s answers to a series of interview question for this post series reveal how being on the Lehigh Valley Arts Council (LVAC) board fits him.

Bruce, what attracted you to the Arts Council at first? Why have you continued to support it?

I was attracted to the LVAC after being invited to join and after reading about its ideas and plan to promote art in all venues to residents of the greater Lehigh Valley.  Then, I met Randall Forte and I began to admire his commitment to the arts and to the mission of the organization.  He is a rare individual who works very hard and is committed to expanding appreciation for the arts to both adults and young people.  I continue to support the organization because it includes a nucleus of individuals who share a common goal–reaching out to everyone in the community and promoting art for the enjoyment and pleasure of everyone in the community.

What are the impacts made by the Arts Council that are the most significant to you? What more could be done?

The Arts Council has raised my awareness of the breadth of talent that we have here in the Lehigh Valley which is often unrecognized because we have not adequately promoted these resources to individuals and other organizations in the region.

What are the biggest challenges that you see facing the arts in the Lehigh Valley?

Limited physical resources resulting from limited financial resources have placed serious limitations on our ability to promote the arts.  We need more financial resources which can only happen when we partner with organizations with similar goals.

How is the Arts Council and its board positioned to help meet those challenges?

The Board members are faced with the need for commitments of more time and money, and in the absence of both, we need to decide how best to sustain our organization and promote our goals with limited resources.

What would you like to see happen in the next 3 years to ensure that the arts and the arts community remain viable/strong?

I would like to see us establish strategic alliances with other non-profits so that we can selectively leverage the strengths of each and every member of the arts community.  This will ensure that the arts in the Lehigh Valley grow and remain viable in a vibrant and growing community.

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