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Commentary by Randall Forte, executive director

I am a member of the Allentown Rotary and the club annually hosts the state of the city address by the Mayor of Allentown.

I made a point of attending a few weeks ago to hear Mayor Pawlowski’s vision for the future and how he was planning on integrating the new hockey arena complex within the neighboring arts district. Unfortunately, the mayor failed to mention the arts at all (yes, really!)–not even the re-opening of the newly renovated Allentown Art Museum.

But rather than kvetch about the arts being ignored again, together we need to turn this oversight into an “advocacy moment,”  a chance to reassert the value that the arts bring to the city and imagine how best to take advantage of the new dynamic.

Much like the wide open space that has emerged with the building demolitions needed for the arena, there is definitely room to lead essential dialogue and influence outcomes. Now is the time to knock on doors, establish new relationships, and emerge as a leader in the neighborhood, giving the arts your voice.

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