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 The images [formerly] on display [at the Lehigh Arts Council office] are assemblages, which begin with photographs of commercial mannequins taken from their showcases; these photos are then layered with various and often incongruous backgrounds. The layering process creates an image that transcends the lifeless storefront forms and blurs the line between illusion and reality.

While my commercial photography is factual, my personal imagery is a complete departure from reality. What may begin as realistic images are pushed to see how far they can be altered while keeping my concept within my pre-visualized context. Digital tools, often an iPhone camera, enable an intuitive interpretation of a world as I see it.

The mannequin collection, Silent Muses, began in England when I first viewed these forms as sculptures rather than as mere silent clothing salespeople. Some are realistic or faceless, others are classical, romantic, or dark—all are sculptures representative of an art form that I have learned to appreciate.

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